Open Garden Days 2014

Other / Amsterdam
June 20-22 2014, 10am - 5pm

Gardens throughout the inner-city
+31 (0)20 624 5255
€: 15 (pass-partout)

The annual Open Garden Days in Amsterdam give visitors the rare opportunity to stroll and enjoy more than 25 private gardens throughout the inner-city!

Open Garden Days 2014

Often invisible from the street, a substantial amount of the historic canal houses and museums in Amsterdam have well-manicured gardens.

These small oases are usually not accessible to the public, but thanks to the Open Garden Days, more than 25 residences and addresses open their gates to allow visitors to meander through their green slices of paradise!

Utility and pleasure

This year's theme for the Open Garden Days is "utility and pleasure." 

In light of new worldwide trends regarding food production, this theme looks to highlight the historical trajectory of gardening. 

Beginning as a space to cultivate fruits and vegetables for practical purposes, the 17th century saw the transformation of the garden into a place of aesthetic pleasure that accompanied an increase in wealth. 

open garden days amsterdam 2014

open garden days amsterdam 2014

open garden days amsterdam 2014

Interestingly enough, recent decades have seen a renewed interest in the garden as a space for utility, with many individuals (regardless of socio-economic status) again using their gardens to grow fruits and vegetables for personal consumption.

The 2014 Open Garden Days looks to show the contrast between gardens as a place of utility and the opulent 17th century gardens that valued beauty.

Where to start?

You can buy tickets at these four locations, which serve as good spots to begin a walking tour.

Amnesty International | Keizersgracht 177
Bijbels Museum | Herengracht 366-368
Museum Van Loon | Keizersgracht 672
Museum Willet-Holthuysen | Herengracht 605


There is no need to reserve.
You can purchase tickets online here (available closer to event date).
A map will be availble here closer to the date.

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